1 POINT IN TIME (C) a particular point in time: They've been arguing from the moment they walked in the door. | There were a few worrying moments, but on the whole the play went well. | at the moment especially spoken BrE, formal AmE (=used to say that something is happening or true now): Julia's on holiday in Spain at the moment. | At the moment, the situation in Haiti is very tense. | for the moment (=used to say that something is happening or true now but will probably change in the future): Well, for the moment we're just friends. | For the moment the troops had stopped firing and there was an eerie hush. | at this/that moment (=used to emphasize that something is happening now or at a particular time in the past): Just at that moment there was a knock on the door. | John's listening to the programme at this moment, in fact. | at this moment in time (=used especially by politicians, newspapers etc to mean now): At this moment in time it would be inappropriate to speculate on Castro's intentions. | just this moment (=used to emphasize that something has only just happened): I just this moment arrived, and already Dan wants to know when I'm leaving.
2 SHORT TIME (C) a very short period of time: But you said a moment ago you weren't going to see him again! | Can you spare a few moments to answer some questions? | in a moment (=very soon): I'll come back to that point in a moment. | for a moment: It was quiet for a moment, then Rae asked what time he'd be back. | wait/just a moment (=used when you want someone to wait a short time while you do or say something): Just a moment, let me put these away first.
3 the moment (that) sb does/says sth as soon as someone does something or says something: He said he'd phone you the moment he got home.
4 the last moment if you do something at the last moment or wait until the last moment to do it, you do it at the last possible time: How could you leave buying your wedding dress to the last moment?!
5 not believe/think/do sth for a moment especially spoken used to say that you did not believe etc something at all: He didn't fool me for a moment.
6 any moment extremely soon: The plumber should be here any moment now. | at any moment: The roof could collapse at any moment.
7 of the moment the job, person, event etc of the moment is the one that is most important or famous at the present time: her boyfriend of the moment
8 OPPORTUNITY (countable usually singular) a particular period of time when you have a chance to do something: big moment (=a time when you have a chance to show other people how skilled, intelligent etc you are): It was André's big moment; he breathed deeply and began to play. | choose/pick your moment (=an expression meaning to choose a good time to do something, often used if you choose a very bad time to do it)
9 have its/your moments to have periods of being good or interesting: a movie that had its moments
10 not a moment too soon almost too late: The ambulance finally arrived, and not a moment too soon.
11 the moment of truth the time when you will find out if something will work properly, be successful etc
12 of great moment old-fashioned important

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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